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binklebonk.com is the new way to easily get feedback from your customers.

Many companies do not have the time or the internal technical resource to set up custom feedback forms to get responses from their clients. This is where binklebonk.com comes in. We make it easy to specify exactly what information you want to gather, and let our website do the rest!

It features:

  • Completely FREE service
  • Quick and easy configuration of what information you want to collect
  • Your own personalisation options
  • A data file returned in easy to use CSV or XML formats for import back into a spreadsheet or your own systems
  • An easy to remember web address for your clients to use
  • An optional feature where we can load existing data for you, so visitors only have to correct their details rather than starting from scratch.

Both you and your clients save time and money by making communication easy!

Within five minutes you could be ready to share your own binklebonk.com URL with your clients and start collecting data.

Our frequently asked questions page provides more information, or click here to contact us with any specific questions. If you're ready to create a web form, click here to begin the setup process.